Wood processing industry

A machine for sharpening saw blades in the wood processing industry benefits from a handling system that allows two tasks to be carried out at the same time. The same handling system that takes the saw blades from the processing station and feeds them to the sharpening process, at the same time removes and forwards them to the removal station at the other end of the plant (see plant illustration).

In this way, EL.MORE’s Robot-2C unit (see illustration) performs two independent horizontal and vertical movements. The producer attached particular importance to the flexibility of the application conditions, meaning both the variable withdrawal and the file positions for the saw blades.

The linear system has also proved itself ideally adaptable to the workpiece: the diameter and weight of individual saw-blades should not be particularly significant for the removal and feed process. The automated processing procedure is based on a twin-axes system, which gives the producer a considerable speed advantage. Here, two separate disks – a drive disk and a revolving toothed belt disk - and two drive belts running in parallel ensure the independent mobility of both cars. Single-axis systems running in tandem have the time benefit of sharpening saw-blades at 4 seconds per unit.
Robot-2C unit
In addition, a compact dual-axes system has space-saving benefits, thanks to the self-supporting aluminium extrusion press profile: because of the increased rigidity of the profile, the weight of the compact linear unit does not have to be held by a support in the middle.

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