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Filmbild_HebeeinheitVertical lifter for various production and logistics levels

DiMotion’s lifting equipment is there to solve the problem of height differences between conveyor belts in assembly lines. A conveyor belt always has a two-level feed. In the short presentation film to the right, you can see the implementation of a DiMotion hoist unit. Such units are perfect for line assembly and excel thanks to their rigidity and durability. 


The hoist unit pictured on the left (click to enlarge) is, for example, used in the automotive industry, to process production parts such as crankcases on different levels. Each crankcase is loaded on to the top level and is then ejected and moved along on the lower level. This individual unit is theoretically able to lift up to 1.5 tonnes. Many different units can be planned and created according to individual needs.

Shuttle or travel axis for robot motion ranges 


DiMotion provides the perfect shuttle or travel axis for articulated robot motion ranges. There are designs for every conceivable weight class- even for robots that weigh over a tonne. DiMotion also delivers specially adapted magnetic grippers for robots, for picking up parts (as well as suction and clamp grippers as alternative options). DiMotion has installed the magnetic gripper system in many different complete plants, with each installation running without issues since installation. The design of the magnetic elements for each gripper system is created by DiMotion according to the individual design criteria for each application. Even parts that are usually difficult to grasp such as grates can be picked up easily by the sophisticated magnetic gripping system. Multiple robots can be installed on a DiMotion travel axis, with a length of 10m or more.


>> Click here to download an animated PDF for demonstration (12 MB!!)


When the smallest linear units make big waves

Flughafen-Miniatur-Linarführung-soft.jpgJust a few months ago, DiMotion equipped an pharmaceutical company with a long linear unit portal made from three miniature linear guides. The unusual thing about it is that the cross section is just 20 x 20 mm (width and hight), which is remarkably small in the eyes of an axle supplier. They can move loads of up to several kilograms, and are highly dynamic and highly precise in their movement – even over a distance of 1.5m. Because of this, DiMotion also attached a camera, so that the process can be observed. When it comes to the compact design, and the fact that the technical features are dependent on the construction size, the new miniature linear axles rival bigger product series. Linear units with small cross sections are one of DiMotion's in-house developments, and have already proven themselves in various applications with the designation LDMB20.

For instance, as components in an access system for people. Here, the job of the mini-units is to carry sensors/detectors and to scan the people who are going through. Only after successful identification does the portal open to allow the person though. The decision to avoid static sensors and detectors was initially taken due to the operators own experience of such systems being too sensitive to continued disturbances. On top of this, the use of mobile sensory technology on a permanent basis appears to be more practical and far more economical. With the appropriate power, the new miniature linear guide reaches a top speed of 4 meters per second and achieves a maximum acceleration of 30 m/s2. It is suited for parallel operation, with a connection shaft for example, and is designed for stroke lengths of up to 2.6 meters.


>> To the german brochure of the miniature linear units.


New corrosion-resistant solid stainless steel linear units

DiMotion now manufactures its own linear unit, the LDMB080, which is made entirely of stainless steel components and is already being mass-produced. Although there are already various corrosion-resistant products on the market, they are not made entirely from stainless steel.




Automated movement processes require suitable components that must also be adequately protected against corrosion, irrespective of whether they are used in agriculture, the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, or in the immediate vicinity of a wet dock. The performance of the first size 80 series unit is comparable to that of aluminium units of the same size. This applies to dimensions, load capacities, feed forces, and the accuracy of motion and positioning. >>Contact us if you need any further information.



Safe stacking instead of heavy lifting


The MEISER Brothers Ltd, from Schmelz-Limbach in Saarland, plays a critical role in the fabrication of gratings, perforated metal planks, staircases and special profiles such as framing systems and barrel hoops. The steel processing company is internationally known and operates worldwide, via numerous production facilities, branches and agencies.

At the beginning of the year, MEISER tasked DiMotion with the tailor-made development of an automated handling solution, which since recently has been in action within a production line. The task in this phase of production is to take gratings from a runway, at a height of 0.89m, in order to stack them on a euro-palette a few meters away. The welded gratings have passed through a final inspection and are on their way to be galvanised. In the past, two workers per shift were employed to do the stacking. Now, the automated handling solution will take on this work.

The new gantry solution from DiMotion uses a claw mechanism to make sure that the gratings are taken safely from the runway and then uniformly stacked on euro-palettes at ground level, about 4 meters away.

The solution from DiMotion uses a claw with a compensatory element that automatically determines the correct height for stacking the gratings. The claw can stack up to 1.6m on a euro-palette. The traverse distance of the Z axis is roughly 2m, and 4m in the X axis. The system is powered by three-phase motors with gear reduction and reaches a cyclic output (for the processes: pick up, put down, return) of 8 s. As soon as the stacked gratings reach a height of 1,6m, the palette is then transported to the next stage by forklift and a new palette is brought forwards.

Together with the steel structure, the gantry solution weighs around 3.8 t. The solutions path is made up of a double rail linear system for the X axis (linear axis series R-Light), which can carry parts up to 600kg, and two Z axes connected in parralel (linear axis series S-Light), each of which can carry up to 80kg. This gantry solution is designed for a grating size of up to 1.6m x 1.6m and a weight of up to 38kg. 


High feed forces and best stiffness required?

DiMotion has been well positioned with toothed belt axes for many years. Special varieties, designs and sizes are included in their range, alongside standard products. Their range of linear units with ball screws was slightly different until more recently. At the beginning of this year, DiMotion extensively expanded the range of spindle units and rack-and-pinion systems that they offer. Alongside standard sizes such as 60, 80 and 110, they now offer two-track axes (comparable to the ROBOT series from the tooth belt range) on profiles with rectangular cross section, which are even available with a width of up to 260mm.

In the area of gantry robot solutions, DiMotion now also offers preconfigured modular designs, which can be built into linear or surface gantries. The situation with guide systems is similar: when it comes to roller guides, the new products from DiMotion have interesting design features, and can carry far heavier loads.




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